Andy's ZX10

This is the 2004 Kawasaki ZX10R that I bought in Sept 2004. It is unbelievable how fast this bike is. Kawasaki specs put the horsepower at 180 (172 if you don't have air flowing into the ram air duct). In first and second gears the bike will raise the front wheel if you apply too much throttle (No popping the clutch, just roll into the throttle). The dry weight is only 375 pounds. A full tank of gas plus my weight is probably in the neighborhood of 600 pounds. 180/600=0.3 This is quite a nice power to weight ratio. This is considerably better than my cobra with a power to weight ratio of 450/3700=0.12. I used to think the cobra was fast.

My bike was STOLEN!!!
I rode one Saturday night and got in at about 11pm. When I got up Sunday morning the bike was gone! About three days later I get a call from the police. It seems the theives weren't the brightest of folks. They were out riding my bike and rode right in front of a police car. I live in a small town. As far as I know there is ONE ZX-10 in town. There are maybe two or three blue bikes. The guy on my bike was being followed by a guy in a truck with another stolen bike in the back. Two guys were arrested and my bike was recovered, but they had already wrecked it. When they wrecked it, one of the engine covers got cracked. When the guy on my bike ran from the cops, the bike blew all of the oil out of the engine and it locked up. This is probably the only reason the cops could have caught him. He ran about 2 miles before the bike quit.

After a much haggling with the insurance company I got a payout. I had signed up for a $1000 deductable so I would have lower premium payments. I gambled and this time I lost. Luckily Kawasaki was running a $1000 factory rebate, and most dealers were eager to get rid of 2005 models before the new 2006's came out. I only had to make up $1200 for the difference between my payout and a new bike. I basically "rented" the bike for $100 per month.

Here's the new bike. I couldn't find any new 2004 models, so I got a 2005. In 2005 they didn't make blue. I got "titanium" instead. I think I actually like the color better than the blue. Now I need to buy a new helmet, a summer jacket, and a winter jacket. A blue colored rider on titanium colored bike doesn't look so good.