2000 Mustang GT

This car has the 4.6 liter single overhead cam engine. It makes about 260HP. The transmission is a 5-speed with overdrive. The rear end is a non-independent axle with a limited slip. The rear gear is rather high. I'm guessing it's 3.20 or so. The car has about 50k miles on it(May 2003). It's main purpose in life is getting me back and forth to work. I'll probably drive it until it drops. I expect to get 100k to 150k out of it. I change the engine oil every 2500 miles. Yes, it's a little extra cost to change it this often, but I think it's worth the cost of repairs on the engine. The drained oil is darker than fresh oil, but never black. Keeping the oil free of gritty materials is a lifesaver to the engine. I always change my own oil so the cost of the frequent changing is still cheaper than if I had it changed at a shop at the regular intervals. I need to get the car up on the rack to check the transmission and differential oils, and I want to give the suspension a good going over with the grease gun. I haven't looked, but I suspect the U-joints are the type without grease fittings. The same may be true for the tie-rods and suspension parts.
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