These are wild hogs that a friend trapped to keep them from destroying his crops
He was just going to shoot them and dump then out in the back pasture. That seemed like a waste of good meat.

This cage has a partition so you can separate one hog at a time. We shoot them with a 22LR. At close range it's powerful enough to kill as quickly as possible, but not powerful enough to tear up much meat

Cutting the back legs to make holes for hanging them on the singletree. We use a chain around a high tree limb and a ratcheting cable puller for lifting
Slit the throat and hang them as soon as possible after shooting.

We skin the hogs instead of scalding them and scraping the hair off.

Starting to skin by making cuts at the feet. Cut though the skin but not into the meat.

Pull the skin down and trim to separate it from the meat if needed

Keep pulling the skin down until you get it over the head and front legs

Detach the head and front legs. Be aware there's a lot of good meat around the neck. Be sure to save this

Pierce into the gut cavity. Becareful not to puncture the guts, the bladder, or anything else.
When hung head down, there's less chance of poo coming out the backend. If you want, you can tie a string around the inside of the guts right where they meet the bunghole. This will help prevent any 'accidents' that may contaiminate the meat.
The softball sized sack containing amber liquid is the bladder. Be careful not to squeeze this.
Cut the gut cavity open toward the ribcage and let the guts fall out. They'll stay connected and you have to be careful when detaching them to keep the meat clean.
Have a friend hold the carcass to the side while cutting around the bunghole to pull it out of the carcass. It'll have to pass down inside the hip bone to come out.

When the bunghole is free. Start pulling the rest of the guts out. Trim any connecting tissue if needed.
You should be able to clean out everything down to the diaphram. You may have to pull out the tube going from the stomach to the throat.

Cut through the diaphram and pull out the lungs and heart. The esophagus should pull out also

And repeat for any other hogs

Make your friend's wife grossed out when you touch the guts (good thing she wasn't watching earlier)