AK5L (ex KC5HVE)

I haven't been very active in ham radio lately. I still have a tower and antenna at my parents that I need to take down and move.

(click on images for larger view)
The tower received some wind damage. The mast is only a 1.5 inch aluminum tube. The soft aluminum was a bad choice of materials. Especially since the mast extends about five feet above the top of the tower. I have a piece of heavy wall steel tubing for the replacement (when I get time to install it). The HF antenna is a Cushcraft tribander for 10, 15 and 20 meter bands. The antenna above the tribander is a homebrew yagi for the 2 meter band. My HF rig is a Kenwood TS-930S.
I also have a Telrex HF tribander that I bought used. It has some damage on the reflector where it mounts to the boom. The reflector was loose. Over time it worked itself back and forth so much that it wore through the boom and the reflector FELL OFF!

Here you can see how the end of the boom was damaged by the reflector. The reflector element was also damaged by the collar that holds it to the boom. I'll probably just cut off the damaged part of the boom and attach the reflector to the end. Yes, it'll be a little shorter than the original mounting position, but I doubt 2 inches will make much difference even at 10 meter wavelength. If I can find a piece of tubing that fits snugly inside the boom I can reattach the reflector to its original position. Does anyone recognize this antenna, and have a copy of any specs or manuals?