Inside the Beast of a Cooker

Here's a look inside the cooker. The smokestack is the 6 inch diameter pipe in the middle. The two 4 inch square tubes are used to allow smoke to flow to the meat. All of these tubes open into the underside of the plate, which is connected to the firebox. Caps are placed on the square tubes to stop the smoke. The square tube on the back (left side of image) still has the cap on, while the square tube on the front (right side of image) has the cap removed. The caps are a loose fit (not air tight). The smoke is sealed by the cap since the edges of the caps reach down under the water. The smoke does not have enough pressure to bubble through the water. Also the insides of the caps are covered with smoke tar. The smoke tar alone may be enough to seal the caps. The "stems" on the tops of the caps let you pull them off without sticking your hand into the hot water. The stems also have loops on the end, and there are hooks welded inside the cooker. The caps can be hung out of the way while smoking.

The drain hole is toward the front (far right side of image). This is a 2 inch pipe welded into the side of the cooker. The hole for this pipe is right on the plate so all the water can be drained. The outside end of this pipe is threaded and a 2 inch plumbing cap is screwed on to hold the water.

The smokestack, two square pipes, and the drain pipe is duplicated on the other end of the cooker.

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The racks are expanded metal tack welded onto a frame of 1 inch angle. The rack frame has legs welded onto it, but it is not connected to the cooker. The racks are made just slightly smaller than the width of the doors. You can pull each rack up, slide it down to the nearest door, and remove it from the cooker. This gives easy access for washing the racks and the inside of the cooker.

Yes it looks rather nasty. We leave grease on the inside of the cooker in an attempt to prevent it from rusting. All of this grease and gunk will be pressure washed off before cooking. We also get the cooker very hot during the cleaning process.

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