BEEF! It's what's for dinner

Here's the cow I bought around the first of the year (2003). It is currently being fattened for the slaughter.

Home of the cows.

The other cow in the picture is Dad's. They generally are happier, eat more, and get fatter when they have friends around. We are feeding these two mostly corn with a little hay (gotta have that fiber in your diet).
Up close and personal with the cows

We took the cows to be slaughtered and butchered on July 20, 2003. Jack's Meats in Trenton, TX did the processing

The cows came back from Jack's Meats on July 30. They arrived in nice paper wrapped frozen packages.

Here's the new home of the cows (the freakin' huge freezer).

The two cows had a total hanging weight of around 1000 lbs. This is is the weight of the meat and bones only. Each cow probably yielded at least 400 lbs of meat. This puts the final cost at about $1.50 per pound of meat.

We purchased another pair of cows (Dec 2003). The market price is now about 1.5 times what it was last year. No more $1.50 a pound this go around.
We purchased another pair (Dec 2004). The market is still holding. I'm thinking maybe it's time to get a bull and a few cows. Can we get one calf per cow per year?