Welcome to Andy's small corner of the internet

Here's a few of my interests and projects:
UPS from Hell!!!
Andy's mustangs
Andy's ZX10
Creating 3D stereo images using a digital camera
Templates for cutting and joining round tubing
An idea for progressive rate suspension
Amateur Radio Stuff.
BEEF it's what's for dinner!
Dad's beast of a BBQ cooker. Cook the whole cow in one go.
Cooker I'm building. The junior version of Dad's.
A propane camping griddle and stove I built.
A propane deep fryer/boiler I built.
Cheap, high-performance, rechargeable lights.
Don't buy one of those expensive welding remotes. Build one yourself.
Homemade flour and meal
Cargo containers as storage buildings
Ford High Performance Parts Identification.
Cleaning the idle air control on a 4.6L Mustang.
Killing hogs (not for weak stomachs or PETA members!)
Wire Size
Sheet Metal Gauge